Dining Room

In the dining room, set in the natural environment, our visitors have breakfast, lunch and dinner with drinks included. The menu adds typical foods fully prepared in our establishment. You will be able to enjoy meals in a pleasant and familiar atmosphere, attended by the Waiter and his gastronomic team.



Fishing in the "Alto Paraná" is recognized worldwide for the large specimens of dorados. The dorado is one of the most demanding and coveted prey for lovers of sport fishing. The dorado is popularly known as the "tiger of the Paraná" for its voracity, agility and strength. Fishing can be done under different modalities such as fly fishing, spinning, baitcasting and traditional way with live bait.


 In the Paraná River it transports a large amount of sediments, causing constant transformations of its own morphology, generating banks and islands. Mammals such as capybaras, coypus, river wolves, wild cats, gray foxes, etc., are present on its coasts; amphibians and reptiles such as snakes, frogs, scorpions, alligators; bird species such as biguá, kingfisher, benteveo,-of-the-river, etc.; and numerous species of fish such as dorado, surubí. Natural environment from which we can we can appreciate in our nautical tours.


Boat Rides

In a familiar and intimate environment given by natural environment, recreational activities and cultural exchange are promoted among visitors from different national and international points.


Recreational Gatherings